Session 2:   New Innovations in Market Planning and Design, IT and Equipment
Speaker # 1   Andres Foidl, Berlin Wholesale Market (BGM), Germany
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Mr Andreas Foidl is since 2005 the Managing Director of the Berliner Grossmarkt GmbH (BGM). He is also a Board Member of the development society/association GFI German Fresh Food Markets since 2005, responsible for Public Relations, Lobbying and Administration. During his tenure as BGM manager he has placed his focus on the future viability of the wholesale market. Under his authority, the fruit and vegetable hall of Fruchthof Berlin and Berlin's Marheineke Market Hall were thoroughly renovated. On the wholesale market grounds he built a large and modern wholesale flower market, as well as a logistics centre for the wholesale fish business. Mr Foidl was born in Austria and has lived in Berlin since his childhood. He studied economics, and before his activity at the Berlin wholesale market worked as managing director and/or head of companies in the real estate, transportation and logistics industries, also as a corporate consultant.
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Speaker # 2   Elton Zhang, Shenzhen Agricultural Products Ltd (SZAP), China
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Mr Elton Zhang has a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Tongji University in Shanghai. He was engaged in the fields of international trade, corporate finance, and management consulting before he started to work in the food distribution business in 1999. He joined Shenzhen Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. in 2006. With this biggest farm produce wholesale market investor & operator in China, he has been involved in activities of new market development, rehabilitation & relocation of existing markets, market planning and design, logistics studies & optimization, market management, IT applications to wholesale markets, company brand strategy, and international cooperation.
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Session 2   New Innovations in Market Planning and Design, IT and Equipment
Speaker # 3   Mayeul Nicolas, Rungis International Market, France
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Mayeul Nicolas coordinates the consulting services worldwide for Semmaris, the management company of the International Market of Rungis. Engineer in Agriculture and specialized in International Trade, he had 10 years experience in different links of agro value chains (process, trade and retail), before being recruited for the wholesale level. Holding this position for 2 years, he has been involved in projects in Russia, India, China and South Africa. In this position he is able to provide its expertise on the wholesale market suppliers, competitors and customers, as well as coordinate Semmaris' experts on the design and the management of a modern food logistics platform.
    Topic: The wholesale market: a flexible tool, mirror of the local food value chains  Download Pdf
Speaker # 4   KIM Jong Heon, SAMACO, Korea
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Kim Jong Heon is Manager of Seoul Agricultural & Marine Products Corporation since 1995. He is currently working in the Distribution Strategy Department. Mr Kim has a Master of Industrial Economics from the Chung-Ang University in Korea. He developed the fair trade system for Garak Market and the recording system that shows the procedure of auction trade. Recently, he has developed the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) trade attendance license in 2012.
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Speaker # 5   Mike Burchell, Burchell Consulting Limited, UK
Mike Burchell has 25 years of international experience in agricultural marketing supply chain development from producer to consumer, wholesale market design, planning and market infrastructure development, including supporting and designing facilities and services for postharvest technique development, introduction of agricultural market information systems, food quality control initiatives including certification and inspection procedures. He has been involved either at the feasibility, design/planning, implementation stage of more than 25 wholesale market redevelopment projects worldwide. He has experience in the formulation, inception and implementation of numerous agricultural related projects mainly in developing countries but also within western Europe, and his company has been contracted by most leading international donor aid agencies including EU, UN, DFID, Tacis, FAO, EAR, GTZ, USAID USA Millennium Challenge Corporation, Gatsby Trust, ADB, ACDI/ VOCA and EBRD.
    Topic: Grading Packing facilities (SPG), Cashless Payment Systems and Transparent Market Price Information Systems  Download Pdf