Session 3   Wholesale and Retail Market Linkages
Speaker # 4   René Van Gool, VGSA, Netherlands
René Van Gool is the Owner and Managing Director of VGSA Ltd, in the Netherlands. He has over 30 years experience in real estate, with special emphasis on inner city re-development. He started with investors at Aegon Realty Pension fund for Dutch Ports and Transport sector and since 1996 as an independent contractor with VGSA and VGA. Presently Van Gool runs two companies. Within Van Gool Stedelijk Advies (VGSA) Urban Development, he is responsible for inner city developments with public/private relations and with conceptual and commercial affairs. VGSA makes existing situation analysis, gives advice on future possibilities, designs development concepts, reviews financial feasibility and provides strategic organization. VGSA is involved in project implementation, project management, strategic guidance and process management. Van Gool Asset Management (VGA) core activities are 3rd party investing in private label fiscal transparent real estate funds; management, restructuring and re-evaluation of real estate portfolios.
Topic: The New Rotterdam Retail Market  Download Pdf
Speaker # 5   Mike Burchell, Burchell Consulting Limited, UK
Mike Burchell became a WUWM individual member in April 2008, having participated within the organization since 1995. As the Managing Director of Burchell Consulting Limited he has more than 25 years of international wholesale marketing experience worldwide, and since 1992 has worked on numerous agricultural wholesale market development projects with most international donor organisations in many developing countries improving existing wholesale market infrastructure, design, planning and advising on new services and facilities. He has advised, designed and developed new wholesale markets /food logistical centres both for the public and private sector in Armenia, Belarus, China, Eire, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Jordan, Pakistan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Poland, South Africa, Vietnam, USA, Uzbekistan and the UK. His many international publications include, an endorsed EU report on the Implications for Relocation and Refurbishment of Inner City Markets in Europe (1993) and an certified comprehensive Wholesale Market Design, Operation & Management Handbook (April 2004, revised in 2007, and latest update in 2011.
    Topic: Lessons learned in the establishment of the Safal Fruit & Vegetable Auction Market in Bangalore  Download Pdf
Speaker # 6   Dr Sukhpal Singh, Chairperson, Centre for Management in Agriculture, IIM, Ahmedabad
Professor Sukhpal Singh is presently Chairperson, Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. His recent books include: Fresh food retail chains in India (2011, co-authored), and Organic produce supply chains in India (2009). He has more than 100 research papers in refereed journals/edited books, to his credit. He was a visiting fellow at IDS, Sussex (UK), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and University of Manchester; and has been a member of various committees/working groups of the Planning Commission for the 11th and the 12th Plans, and the National Development Council. His research interests are in vertical co-ordination of agribusiness chains and their governance focusing on small producers and workers. He is a member of a globally networked research project on global production and trade networks called ‘Capturing the Gains’ and the founding editor of Millennial Asia- an international journal of Asian studies.
Topic: Perishable Produce Wholesale Markets in India: Their role and making them work  Download Pdf