Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board(Class-III) Service Rules
(Amendments - 07)

1. (1)

  These rules may be called the Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board (Class-III) (Second Amendment) Service Rules, 2003 .

2. (k) 1[Chairman of the board]
6.   2[Chairman of the board]
3[Appendix 'C' ]
Sr. No. Designation of the Post Nature of Penalty Authority empowered to Impose Penalty Appellate Authority
1 Superintendent Grade-II

Minor Penalties:

(i) Censure;

(ii) withholding of his promotions;

(iii) recovery from his pay of the whole or part of any pecuniary loss caused by him to Board by negligence or breach of orders;

(iv) Withholding of increments of pay;


Major Penalties:

(v) reduction to lower stage in the time scale of pay for a specified period, with further directions as to whether or not the Board employee will earn increments of pay during the period of such reduction and whether on the expiry of such period , the reduction will or will not have the effect of postponing the future increments on  his pay;

(vi) reduction to a lower time scale of pay, grade, post or service shall ordinarily be a bar to the promotion of the Board employee to the time scale of pay, grade, post of service from which  he was reduce, with or without further directions regarding conditions of restoration to the grade or post or Service from which the Board employee was reduced  and his seniority and pay on such restoration to that grade; post or Service

(vii) Compulsory retirement;

(viii) removal from service which shall not be disqualification for future employment under the Board, Government, semi Government Departments:

(ix) dismissal from service which shall ordinary be a disqualification for future employment under the Board, Government, and semi Government Departments.

1[Chairman of Board] Government
2 Legal Assistant
3 Senior Auditor/Internal Auditor/ Superintendent S.A.S.
4 Personal Assistant
5 Circle Head Draftsman
6 Publicity Supervisor
7 Technical Assistant
8 Technical Assistant (Cotton)
9 Librarian
10 Programmer
11 Planning Assistant
12 Assistant Secretary Market Committee
13 Laboratory Incharge
14 Divisional Head Draftsman  (Public Health)
15 Divisional Head Draftsman (Electrical)
16 Divisional Head Draftsman (Two Planning)
17 Junior Engineer (Civil/Junior Engineer (Public Health)
18 Junior Engineer (Electrical)
19 Junior Engineer (Mechanical)
20 Senior Draftsman (Architect)
21 Senior Mechanic-Cum-Technician
22 Assistant Programmer
23 Laboratory Assistant
24 Superintendent Grade IV (Civil)/ Superintendent Grade IV Public Health/Superintendent Grade IV (Electrical)
25 Assistant/Cashier/Care Taker/Assistant (Cotton)
26 Public Assistant
27 Senior Scale Stenographer
28 Grading Supervisor
29 Statistical Assistant
30 Stenographer  in the Engineering Wing in the Field
31 Modeller-Cum-Pattern Maker
32 Photographer-cum-Pattern Maker
33 Assistant Librarian
34 Artist
35 Junior Auditor
36 Munim
37 Accounts Clerk (Civil)/Accounts Clerk (Public Health) Accounts Clerk (Electrical)
38 Assistant Draftsman (Civil/Assistant Draftsman (public Health)
39 Assistant Draftsman (Electrical)
  [See Amendment]
40 Assistant Draftsman (Architect and Assistant-Cum-Draftsman (Town Planning)
41 Divisional Accountant (Civil/Divisional Accountant (Public-Health)/Divisional Accountant (Electrical)
42 Sub-Divisional Clerk /Senior Clerk of the Engineering Wing in the Field
43 Security Officer
44 Junior Scale Stenographer
45 Data Entry Operator
46 Crading Assistant
47 Clerk, Typist, P.B.X. Operator, Clerk Store Project/ Clerk Engineering Wing at the Head Quarters
48 Computer
49 Laboratory Attendant
50 Steno Typist
51 Drivers
52 Restorer
53 Security Guard
54 Lift Operator
55 Machine Operator (Gestatnor) 
56 Plumber
57 Electrician
58 Carpenter
59 Library Attendant
60 Assistant Sub Divisional Clerk/Clerk of the Engineering Wing in the Field
61 Ferro Printer
62 1[Junior Draftsmen (Civil) Junior Draftsmen (public Health) Junior Draftsmen (Electrical) Junior Draftsmen (Divisional Town Planning)]
2[63 Supervisor]
3[64 Road Roller Driver]
65 Surveyor
  [See Amendment]      
1. Substituted vide Notification No. G.S.R. 68/P.A. 23/61/S. 43/Amd. (2)/91, dated 05-12-1991.
2. Added vide Notification No. G.S.R. 27/P.A. 23/61/S. 43/Amd. (3)/90, dated 02-05-1991. Published in the Gazatte 08-05-1991.
3. Added vide Notification No. G.S.R. 37/P.A. 23/61/S. 43/Amd. (6)/95, dated 10-07-1995. Published in the Gazatte 12-07-1995.

1, 2 & 3. Substituted vide Notification No. G.S.R. 11/P.A.13/1993-M3/5753. Dated 27th August, 2003 published in the gazatte