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(ASVINA 20, 1927 SAKA)



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     The 12th October, 2005

No. G.S.R. 28/C.A. 22/2005/S. 27/2005- In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) section 27 of the Right to information Act. 2005/Central Act No. 22 of 2005). And all other powers enabling him in this behalf,the Governor of Punjab is pleased to make the following rules to provide for the matters specified in sub-section(2) of the said section,namely:-


        1.Short title and commencement
        2. Definitions
        3. Application for obtaining information
        4. Deposit fee
        5. Quantum of fee
        6. Procedure to be followed in deciding appeal
        7. Mode of serving notice

            FORM 'A'

             FORM 'B'


1.Short title and commencement
  (1) These rules may be called the Punjab Right to Information Rules, 2005.

(2) They shall come into force on and with effect from the 12th day of October, 2005.
  2. Definitions
  (i) In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires-

(a)      "Act" means the Righ to Information Act,2005 (Central    Act No.22 of 2005)
(b)   "Commission" means the Punjab Information      Commission Constituted under section 15 of the Act  ;

(c)     "Form" means a Form, appended to these rules; and
(d)     "Section" means a section of the Act.

(2)     The words and expressions used in these rules, but not defined.
    Shall have the same meaning as assigned to them in the Act.
  (3)    Application for obtaining information

(1) Aperson, who  section 2(m)6 and 27 desires   to obtain any information admissible under the Act, shall make an application in Form 'A' to the State Public Information Officer alongwith a fee, as specified in rule 5 of these rules.

(2) On the receipt of an application, made under sub-rule (1), the State Public Information Officer shall give a receipt in token thereof to the applicant.
  Section 6          4.   Deposit of fee
  (1) The fee may deposited either in cash or by draft or cheque or treasury challan.

(2) The amount of fee shall be credined to the account of the concerned public authority.
(3)  On receipt of an application, submitted under sub-rule (1) of rule 3, the State Public Information Officer shall seurtinise the application and shall assess how much fee is required to be paid by the applicant for obtaining the information.

(4) The fee, assessed under sub-rule (3), shall be informed to the applicant by the State Public Information Officer in Form 'B' within a period of seven days from the receipt of application.

(5)  In case the applicant falls to deposit the requisite for within a period of fifteen days after the issuance of the intimation given to him under sub-rule  (4), it shall construed that the application is no longer interested in  obtaining the information,sought for,and his application shall be deemed to have been filed.
  Section 6 and 75.   Quantum of fee

(1) An application for obtaining any information under sub-section (1) of section 6 shall be accompanied with a fee of rupees fifty.
(2) For providing an information under sub-section (1) of      section 7, the fee shall be charged from the applicant at the following rates, namely :-
(a) Rs. 10 for each page.in A-4 or A-3 size paper,created or copied ; and

(b)   If information is to be provided on a large size of paper than that of specified in clause (a),  the actual cost price of such a paper shall be charged.

(3) For providing an information under sub-section (5) of section 7, the fee shall be charged from the applicant at the following rates, namely :-
(a) Rs. 50 for providing information in floopy ;
(b) Rs. 100 for providing information in diskette ; and

(c) If information sought is of such a nature. Which is contained in a printed document of which a price has been fixed. Then that information will be provided after charging the price, fixed for that printed document. However, if only an extract or page of such a printed documents is asked for then a fee of Rs 10 per page shall be charged from the applicant

(4) No fee for inspection of record shall be charged, If such an inspection is made for one hour only. However, if inspection is made for a period of more than one hour, then a fee of rupees ten shall be charged for every fifteen minutes in excess of first hour. Every fraction of the period above fifteen minutes,shall be construed as a complete period of fifteen minutes and it shall be charged as full period of fifteen minutes.

6. Procedure to be followed in deciding appeal

Before deciding an  Section19(10)   appeal, the Commission shall,-

(a) Serve notice to the concerned persons ;
(b) Entertain any evidence in support of appeal, which may be oral or in writing from the concerned persons ;
(c) Examine on oath or by having affidavits from the persons concerned ;
(d) Peruse or inspect the documents or any records or copies thereof ;
(e) Inquire through the authorized officer the facts of an appeal or may require facts in detail, if it so deems appropriate, hear the State Public Information Officer or any otherwise senior officer, who had decided the first appeal, as the case may be ; and
(f) Receive evidence on affidavits from the State Public Informaton Officer or any senior officer,who had decided the first appeal or from any other person from whom the evidence may be deemed necessary.

7. Mode of serving notice

The Commission may serve notice to the section 19(10) person concerned in any of the following modes namely :-
              (a)  by hand delivery (dasti) through process server ; or
 (b)  by registered post with acknowledgement due ; or
              ( c)   by publication in the news paper.
8. Order by the Commission

(1) The Commission shall make order in    section  writing and pronounce the same in the presence of the concerned parties.
           (2)  The party concerned may, obtain the copy of the order from the commission


 { See rule 3 (1) }


                  The  Public Information Officer
                   Assistant Public Information Officer
                    (Name of the office with address

(1)Full name of the applicant  :
(2) Address
(3) Parties of information required

(i) Subject matter of information  *
(ii) The period to which the information relates * *
(iii) Description of the information required  ***
(iv) Whether information is required by post or in person ("the actual postal charges shall be included in additional fees)
(v) In case by post (Ordinary Registered or Speed Post)

Place :
Date  :        Signature of the applicant

* Broad category of the subject to be indicated (such as grant/Government land/Service matters/Licenses etc.)
**Relevant period for which information is required to be indicated.
***Specific details of the information are required to be indicated.


Received your application dated __________________________________vide

Dairy No. __________________________dated ________________________

                                                                                                            Signatures of Public Information Officer
                                                                                                            Assistant Public Informaton Officer.

                                                                                                            Name of the Department/Office

     FORM 'B'
     { See rule 4 (4) }


  Designation of the
  Public Information Officer


  (Name of the applicant)
  Address of the applicant.


          Please refer to your application dated  ________________ addressed to the undersigned requesting information regarding  __________________. The additional fee for supplying this information to you is Rs. ______________.

2.     You are requested to pay the fee at this Office or make payment in a Government Treasury through Challan and send a copy of the Challan to this office and collect the information on __________________.

3. The amount of fee shall be deposited in the budget head No. (to be intimated to the applicant by the concerned departmently).

                                                                                                                                           PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER.
                                                                                                                                            Principal Secretary to Government of Punjab,
                                                                                                                                            Department of Information Technology.

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