A unique experiment - Apni Mandi

Traditional marketing system of fruits and vegetables is unfavorable for farmers as major share of consumer rupee is pocketed by the traders. The farmers used to get low price for their produce whereas the consumers had to pay higher price for poor quality products available in the markets. The PSAMB started “farmers’s market” in 1987 with a view to give boost to the small farmers around cities so as to provide direct access to the consumers, by eliminating the middlemen. It is also known as the “Apni Mandi” because it belongs to both the farmers and the consumers who can mutually help each other.

Basic infrastructure facilities like market yard, lighting etc. are provided by the PSAMB/APMC’s Farm level extension services of the relevant departments are also pooled in, securing the benefit of on-going Government scheme to “Apni Mandi” farmers. The benefits include input subsides, better quality seeds and loans at reasonable rates of interest from the Bank. Apni Mandi scheme provides self -employment to the producers and also remove the social inhibition among them for retail sale of the produce. Apni Mandis are being organized at about 50 cities and towns of the State including Chandigarh. An evaluation study has shown that Apni mandi has really proved a blessing for the farmers particularly the small farmers and boon to the consumers.

Procedure & Utility:
1. Identity cards are issued to pariticipants in the markets by their repective Market Committees. Maximum rates are fixed by Market Committee Staff.
2. Farmers get remmunerative price due to no role of middle men so that the profit is shared by both farmers and consumers.
3. Market committee staff is directed to organise and look after the operations of Apni Mandi.