Technology Mission on Cotton (TMC):-

This scheme provides better infrastructure for cotton marketing. Various specialized dust free zones have been established in the state. It provides raised platforms, weigh-bridges, internal roads, public health and electricity facilities. Cotton grading facilities such as grading of fiber, fineness, strength, maturity, fresh cotton etc. are numerically tested in the laboratories, are available to get better price. For this facility, no fee is being charged from farmers. For the cleaning of cotton, Punjab Mandi Board has established Seed Cotton Drying and Pre-cleaner at Malout Mandi with the outlay of Rs. 1.15 Crore.

In nutshell, this scheme is to provide dust free auction platform, internal roads, boundary walls, farmer information centers, Grading labs, electricity and public health facilities in the important cotton mandis. The Punjab Mandi Board is developing the 19 cotton markets in collaboration with the Technology Mission on Cotton (Govt. of India) by spending 45.35 crore.