Metallic Storage Bins

Going a step further, the Punjab Mandi Board visualized the need of Metallic-Bins Storage in the years of glut when at a given point of time, there is no storage capacity in the existing markets. The Board prepared a scheme for facilitating preliminary storage by distribution of subsidized metallic storage bins to the farmers of Punjab. Further, the storage losses being major leakage in the flow of marketable surplus, the Punjab Mandi Board decided not to allow a single grain go waste and subscribed to the specifications and quality prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture. Government of India. The Board, totally dedicated to the cause of efficient marketing and welfare, has provided Rs. 1.50 crores for the purpose of supplying these storage bins on 25% subsidy to small farmers having less than 10 acres holding. Metallic Storage Bins of 5 quintals, 7 quintals and 1 tones each are the prized possession of farmers in the State of Punjab.