Incorporation of Punjab Agri. Export Corporation
Punjab Agricultural Export Corporation(PAGREXCO)

It was being felt for the last decade that some major initiatives are required for marketing of fruits and vegetables being grown in the State because of highly perishable nature of the produce. A major initiative was taken by the State Government by establishing a separate Corporation namely Punjab Agricultural Export Cooperation with PSAMB and Punjab Agro Industries Corporation contributing 50 % equity each for the establishment of this Corporation. Punjab Agricultural Export Corporation is dedicated to promoting export of fruits and vegetables outside the country and also to the distant markets with in the country in order to help the farmers to realize better returns for their produce.

Provision/Strengthening of Marketing Infrastructure in Mandis
Repair/Strengthening and Construction of New Link Roads
Establishment of Punjab Horticulture Post Harvest Technology Centre
Arranging Loans for Development works of Market Committees