Repair/Strengthening and Construction of New Link Roads
Repair/ Maintenance and Construction of Link/Approach Roads.

The State of Punjab has been gainfully utilizing the funds collected from levy of market fees and rural development fee for construction and repair of rural link / approach roads and it is matter of pride for the state of Punjab that every village has at least one link but some of the villages have even more than one link. All the villages of the State are linked with the Mandis through this vast network of rural link roads which are carpeted every six years with the premix. The success of agricultural marketing operation in the state owes much to the efficient road network of the state and its good maintenance. The total length of rural link roads as on 30.06.2002 was 42000KM . After wards, about 6000 KM of link roads have been constructed under various schemes viz 1500KM, 3000KM, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna and others approved by Hon’ble Chief Minister and Chairman, Punjab Mandi Board. The total length of link roads as on now is about 48000KM.

          In addition to new construction, 17235KM of link roads which were last repaired during the period 1994-1998 have been repaired with an expenditure of Rs. 678 crore. Another 8284KM of link roads which were last repaired during period 1998-2000 are being repaired with the cost of Rs. 397.12 crore.”

Provision/Strengthening of Marketing Infrastructure in Mandis
Incorporation of Punjab Agri. Export Corporation
Establishment of Punjab Horticulture Post Harvest Technology Centre
Arranging Loans for Development works of Market Committees